“My first visit to the Wellness Junction made me a fan for life. The chiropractic evaluation and treatment relieved pain that had plagued me for eight years. A herniated disc was the culprit. My previous chiropractic treatment was not the Palmer system. One treatment from Dr. Horsley and the pain was gone, but the real joy came the following morning when I awoke. I was halfway down the stairs before I realized that I hadn’t had to arrange my posture while still lying down so that I could rise pain free. I simply got out of bed. That’s a mighty bit of grace.”

– Anonymous


– Anonymous

“Familial atmosphere, relaxed attitudes, nothing is too much trouble.”

– Anonymous

“Clinical Nutrition: The DETOX was so easy, largely because I never felt hungry or deprived. Once past the first ten days, not only was I satiated, but there was enormous variety of choice for meals.”

– Barbara Mayers

“Dr. Horsley and his team at The Wellness Junction are truly exceptional. I came to The Wellness Junction as sort of my last resort for dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, and overall malaise. The care I received right from the start was tailored to my specific nerve pains and chemical imbalances. In addition to being an excellent Chiropractor, Dr. Horsley is an impressive diagnostician. He was able to pinpoint health problems that were later confirmed by physicians at Johns Hopkins, for instance!

After only a few adjustments and a few weeks of following his vitamin/mineral regiments, I felt less pain, more energy, and overall sense of revitalization and happiness that I had finally gotten to the root of my health concerns. Dr. Horsley and his team are exceptionally welcoming, and Dr. Horsley loves to educate and inform his patients of their treatment plans; for these reasons, you leave the office feeling empowered and equipped to live a truly balanced and holistic lifestyle! Thanks Wellness Junction!”

– Anonymous

“I came to see Dr. Horsley because of severe knee pain. He has worked on both knees especially the right one. It has greatly relieved my knee pain. I can now walk around without suffering.

I also have begun the “Clinical Nutrition Program.” I am in the early stages but have noticed an improved sleep pattern. I also seem to have more energy. I  have been completely satisfied with the care I have received. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Horsley’s services to anyone who is in need of Chiropractic services.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Dr. Horsley is very patient, he does a thorough job in explaining what he is doing each step of the way. He always answers all my questions and concerns.”

– Rachel Knapp

“Discovering the Wellness Junction has definitely saved my life. I retired at the first opportunity due to my health. I could count on one hand the number of days I actually felt good in a months time. There were days I couldn’t even get out of bed due to the chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and my sensitivities to chemical fragrances. I was to the point that I did not go to gatherings, malls, or restaurants due to the perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, and laundry detergents on people’s cloths. This had me feeling very cut off from the world. I have been on Dr. Horsley’s protocol for 2 months and boy do I see a big difference in my health. I am now able to go to gatherings, malls and even have gone back to yard work, walks and just daily living.

I would tell friends/family members to schedule a consultation. You will learn a lot about your health and how to correct issues naturally and not be on pills the rest of your life.

I was really surprised on the 1st visit to be given Dr. Horsley’s cell phone number to call him anytime with questions/concerns about my treatment. He also saw me on a Saturday for an emergency visit due to a herniated disk. I had called him to get guidance on how to relieve some of the severe pain as I couldn’t even stand up straight. He immediately told me to go to his clinic as he was heading there also. Thru therapy and adjustments, he was able to have me standing straight and a lot of the pain had subsided.

Dr. Horsley is a very caring doctor and puts his patients first. He listens, truly listens to his patients so he can help them. I am very pleased that I have found him!”

– Kim O. 

“Chiropractic Advanced Clinical Nutrition has finally started to bring my body back to the level of health I had up until 5 to 7 years ago.  Multiple doctors, practitioners, various kinds of medications, multiple biopsies, and procedures (all with conventional and insured medicine) has not and could not do what Dr. Horsley has been able to do for me in just 1.5 months.  My life has done a complete 180 degree turn thanks to Dr. Horsley.

What I have said and continue to say, is that conventional or mainstream medicine has not and could not fix me or heal me.  My last bit of health issues, which were being cared for by a reputable, “one of a kind” facility, not only enabled me to continue to become what I considered to be worse, it wasn’t even able to diagnose what was causing my issues much less why.  After years of life like that, I had readjusted my very standard of normal for myself in the way I felt.  What these people do is all and everything I myself want to do to help others.

The overall level of care, compassion, the drive behind the strive to go above and beyond in order to get patients health once again that is exactly what first steered me to go into a medical career myself.  After years of being told I’m wasting too much time on my own patients and having repeatedly effect my yearly performance eval(uation), the treatment, the practice, every aspect of it not only has renewed my faith in healthcare and even healthcare workers, but also has redirected me and my path for the future.

Thank you is NOT ENOUGH to express my level of gratitude!”

– Jennifer Haines

“Prior back problems that I had suffered were treated by medical doctors and physical therapists. Neither were able to provide me complete relief from back pain. While I am sure that they were competent in their professions, none could compare, in my judgment, to the understanding and treatment needed to bring me to the point of mobility that I enjoy today. I have returned to a normal life. This was after three visits under the care of Dr. Horsley…it is difficult to describe the experience of being free of the fear of moving in the wrong direction or lifting something such as oneself out of a chair or getting out of bed in the morning without fear of pain. I am comforted in knowing that if my problems in relation to my back return that I have somewhere to turn to.”

 – Stephen E. Bell

“My experience with Dr. Horsley at The Wellness Junction has been extremely positive. In recent years I have lived with increasing amounts of pain, making my life just miserable. I knew I had to find relief. I tried everything I could think of- my GP, another chiropractor, physical therapy, and even a personal trainer at a fitness center. They all tried to help me, but the root of my problem went undiscovered. Dr. Horsley was the first to actually send me for x-rays to determine what was going on.

There is a name for what I have – adult onset scoliosis. His treatments have done more for me in a few weeks than I could have imagined. I have experienced pain free days. That is something I have not had in years. I still have treatments ahead, but I am the most encouraged I have ever been that there is permanent relief ahead for me. Dr. Horsley has a variety of techniques and equipment and he has a real interest in helping his patients find relief. His staff is also very helpful and compassionate. Glad I found them!”

 – Linda T.

“Dr. Horsley is an extraordinary gifted and most knowledgeable physician I know. I practice out of state and I will travel at great lengths to see him for trusted and thorough care. I trust no other! If you are looking for the best, this is your Doc! A+.”

 – Dr. C, Virginia

“Very good doctor who cares about his patients and their results!!!”

 – Jay Covey, Maryland

“The care that I received from the Wellness Junction completely exceeded my expectations. Being new to the area, they accommodated my needs for a emergency appointment with time and extra care. Within the week of my first appointment my lower back pain had subsided and I was able to return to my normal routine and work without worry. They are most definitely my recommendation for care in the area”

 – Rebecca Goforth